How to get a refund from Hidemyass

hidemyass2Hidemyass is world popular VPN services provider which is famous because of number of VPN servers. You may not found that many VPN servers on any other VPN platform. Overall, the HMA is positive and their users are happy with them but still some people face technical issues due to which they wants to cancel their subscription and get refunds.

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To get a refund from Hidemyass, you need to send email to Hidemyass VPN. There are many users who failed to get refund sometime. This is because they did not fulfill the requirement of Hidemyass policy or don’t know how to do this. The refund policy is only designed for the new customers and this option should be achieve within 30 days of your first order.

Hidemyass refund policy:

To get your money back from Hidemyass in case if you are not happy with their services then you need to make sure that you know about their policy and fulfill the requirements, otherwise, you will not able to get refund at all:

  • Only newly registered users will able to enjoy Hidemyass refund policy. This options is not opened for those who has already renewal their accounts for once.
  • If you want to claim your refund, then you need to do this within 30 days of your first order. Otherwise, you will not able to get refund
  • To get refunds, you need to send a request on official email ID of Hidemyass which is In email you need to mention for cancelling your account. You can also use the other ways of support as well to get refunds.
  • If you want refund, then your account should used less than 10GB bandwidth
  • Your account should not exceeded 100 sessions which means that you have not login to VPN servers more than 100 times.
  • This should be your first refund claim with Hidemyass in case if you have multiple accounts.


Although, if you have already used 10GB and 100 session and still wish for refund, then HMA will charge you on the bases of your bandwidth and number of session. You will be refunded after the deduction of money on the bases of your usage.

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Problem with Hidemyass refund policy:

Some users may face the issue when they apply for refund. Usually the refund process of hidemyass is easy and works very effectively. You get your funds back instantly. But still many people complained that they did not received their funds back. The main reason behind refund failure is due to the payment method of their users. There are some payment methods which does not allow the company to refund their users due to which HMA is failed or enable refund money to their customers.

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