How to Hide Your IP Address Using Hidemyass Software?

hidemyass2Security is the major issue for internet users as hackers could gain access to important material including personal information. Hidemyass is the best available software which provides you with the ease to hide your IP identity while browsing internet. It is the leading proxy software offering anonymous internet surfing preventing anyone tracing your online identity. Thus your internet connection is secured; your internet history being hidden provides you with the comfort encrypted browsing without any fear of being traced.

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The best way to browse internet anonymously is to keep your IP address secret. It offers many ways to hide your identity. One of these is hidemyass VPN (virtual private network). It is the most significant way to conceal identity while you are surfing different sites. Your internet connection being encrypted and secured, you get access to all internet applications. Using hidemyass VPN makes your surfing securer. Hidemyass provides web proxy, anonymous e-mail, IP port proxy, VPN, file uploading technology etc.

How Does Hidemyass Hide My Ip Address?

While using this software, you can yourself select an IP address or Hidemyass software will handle the task for you. Your real IP address is replaced with a fake IP address from several servers all around the world. If using VPN, you can hide behind about 343 VPN servers placed in 53 countries. You can also choose from more than 40,672 available IP addresses. This involves the following step by step process:

HideMyAss IPs

  • Go to hidemyass website and choose for sign up.
  • After signing up, you become a registered member for the software usage.
  • For using internet anonymously, go to home menu where you will find different options such as dash board, country selection, IP address settings, secure IP address etc.
  • On the dash board, you will see different security options that you can adjust according to your requirements.
  • Go to the country selection, here you can select IP Address of any country you want. You can choose from more than 53 countries and more than 38000 IP addresses.  For example; you are in Italy and you can choose Israel as your country and any IP address from all over availability.

You can also adjust your IP address changing timings by going to the IP address setting bar for HideMyAss software. Select after what time you want your IP address should change and be replaced with a new one. It is just one click task. By doing this, your IP address will change after intervals that you set. Although your internet connection will be disturbed for a while as it requires a short time to change your IP address but this is not a big deal. It is up to you if you want to maintain your internet connection without any interval, you have an option of not to choose this interval. You will see an IP address on the screen to verify IP addresses.

In this way, your real IP address will hide and you can enjoy unlimited internet surfing with a fake IP address without any 3rd party interference. You can see that there is no technical knowledge required. You can use Hidemyass software to hide your IP address.  Hidemyass is the best web proxy that makes your internet connection secure and your online surfing comfortable.

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