How to Use Hide My Ass on a PC

hidemyass2This informative piece of writing is going to tell you how to use HideMyAss on a PC. If you are interested in using VPN services, certainly you have a little bit idea of software installation. Well, it does not matter if you don’t have. Hidemyass is a VPN software and when you install it on your computer, you can enjoy completely anonymous web surfing. Whatever windows (Windows 7, Vista or XP) you use on your PC, activation of HideMyAss will be same in each case. Here are 7 simple steps to follow for hidemyass installation on a PC:

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Step 1: Go To the Private Area

Once you have made online payment to buy hidemyass, you get access to a private area. As an alternative, you can open the web page of and login there. You will use the same username and passphrase as you used at the time of signing up on the website to buy VPN services. Activate your account and if your subscription is expired, you have another option to renew it using a yellow button but you will pay for the renewal of software.

Step 2: Download Hidemyass Compatible with Your PC’s Windows

After entering your account, go to “Download Software”, select it and click for quick installation on your PC.

Step 3: Start Installing Software

You have downloaded hidemyass on your PC. Now open downloaded software and start installation. Software installation may take time and another window may open during this while. It will be automatic, so don’t worry about it.

HideMyAss Installation

Step 4: Start Software

Once you install hidemyass software on your computer, look into start menu “programs” to find out “HMA ProVPN”. Here you will find a link to get started with the program. You may also create desktop icon but it depends on your choice.

Step 5: Activate Software on Your PC

Soon after starting application, an operating panel will appear where you put your particular username and passphrase to activate hidemyass software on your PC. Now select a server and click “Connect to VPN” button to establish an encrypted and secure web connection. It will automatically change or replace your real IP address with a fake one.

Step 6: Check Running Software

After doing everything, you must check the running efficiency of HideMyAss on your PC. See if your original IP address has been replaced with the fake one, you can enjoy confident and anonymous web surfing. If it is so, you can successfully use hidemyass on a PC without having fear of being invaded by any 3rd party.

Step 7:  Check Hidemyass Videos for More Satisfaction

This brief process of learning how to use hidemyass on a PC delivers sufficient information to those who are really interested in learning about it. Anyhow, if you find anything complex despite this explanation, you must check hidemyass videos to be satisfied. Going to the official site of hidemyass, you can easily get instant solutions for your problems related to hidemyass on a PC.

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