How to Use Hidemyass Chrome Extension

hidemyass2Varying standards of web based censorship have made it necessary to find some valid ways to secure your online privacy. For anonymous web surfing and hiding IP address, proxy websites work effectively. Almost everyone can bypass his IP address and actual location using proxy services.

These services are easily available online but Google Chrome Extension is a nice proxy extension “HideMyAss Add-On” that adds proxy service to Chrome and Google and allows users changing their IP address without moving to another web page for the proxy.

Mostly people like to use internet based proxy such as hidemyass using different browsers. I like to recommend a very simple solution for the web surfers who use Google Chrome. Using hidemyass chrome extension, users can redirect web traffic through the anonymous web proxy network from their browsers.

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First Step: Install Hidemyass to Chrome Browser

Installing Hidemyass extension to Chrome is very easy. Just go to the Google Chrome webstore and visit Hidemyass proxy page and click the option “Install”. It will take only a few seconds to add to your Chrome browser. After being added to the browser, it will open settings page. Next step is to choose suitable options before you save settings. Have a look on omni bar to see if there is a yellow icon “h”.

Second Step: Use Extension

It is very simple to use hidemyass chrome extension. Just make sure that you have opened Chrome browser and you are interested in opening it with the proxy.  You remember “h” icon? Simply click on it and your web page will be reloaded with a proxy URL. See! If you are interested in opening a different URL in proxy, you will have to open new tabulator in Google Chrome and again click “h” icon. It asks for URL. Now enter URL and the very next step is to click the proxy. You can see that your URL is opened with an IP address you have already selected from server location.

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For further satisfaction, you can check your original IP address using normal internet connection. Take notice of it and then check IP address from proxy. In both the cases, IP address will be different.

Benefits of Using Hidemyass Chrome Extension

  1. Using this service, no pop up 3rd party ads will disturb your surfing and you can continue it for hours without any interference.
  2. Official hidemyass proxy extension lets the users switch to protected and secure web browsing.
  3. It efficiently works with video websites including adult tubes, Hulu and YouTube.
  4. Multiple IP addresses allow hiding actual IP address to be anonymous for unwanted trespassers.
  5. HTTPS/SSL for multiple servers in different countries.

Whether you want to have easy access to banned websites from your workplace, home or any other park, hidemyass chrome extension will help you avoid repressive stuff filtering systems. With excellent proxy features, hidemyass chrome extension will let you surf websites anonymously, hide browsing history, conceal your actual location from malicious invaders and avoid content filters.

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