How to Use Hidemyass Firefox Extension

hidemyass2Hidemyass is a great web proxy that is reliable, anonymous and fast. If you are looking for secure web based browsing using firefox, hidemyass firefox extension is an ideal option for you. Before using hidemyass firefox extension, you need to open mozila firefox browser. Then click on the address bar to write Just wait for a couple of minutes until the site appears.

Copy required URL and paste it but keep in mind that it may take time. To avoid this hectic exercise, hidemyass firefox extension will work for you. Mere a single click will open the URL in the hidemyass proxy.

Going to add-on options, it is easy to set “Advanced Options” in the same way as you do at the website of hidemyass.

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Hidemyass runs the most efficient browser based proxy online. Its official firefox extension enables users to redirect their web traffic using reliable network of anonymous proxy.

Why to Use Web Proxy?

There are many reasons for which people like to use web proxy or firefox extension such as:

  • Anonymous web surfing
  • Hiding online fingerprints
  • Replacing actual IP address with an artificial IP address
  • Concealing browsing history
  • Avoiding web filters
  • Bypassing regional internet blocks
  • SSL security for almost all websites

Install Hidemyass to Firefox Browser

Before you start with using hidemyass firefox extension, you need to install hidemyass and you can do it easily by going to the web store. Visit the proxy pages of hidemyass, click ‘install’ and it will be installed on your firefox browser within a few seconds. When it is there on your browser, you can go to settings page to choose desired options and then save these settings. Now you have an icon ‘h’ on the omni bar.

HMA Firefox Plugin

How to Use Hidemyass Firefox Extension?

One thing you must keep in mind that Mozilla Firefox extensions are regularly updated. Here are five simple steps to use hidemyass firefox extension:

  1. Click “h” icon shown at the right bottom of your Mozilla Firefox browser.
  2. Turn anonymous browsing on or off (according to your needs)
  3. Once you enable this option, it will proxify all website pages.
  4. You can also disable proxy for particular tabs by right clicking the icon
  5. Right clicking ‘h’ icon also gives you access to enable SSL

What More Hidemyass Firefox Extension Offers?

  • It stops 3rd party ads and troublesome popups.
  • It lets you enjoy video websites including adult tubes and YouTube.
  • It offers multiple IP addresses to make privacy security sure.
  • It lets users choose any proxy server in any country.
  • HTTPS/SSL for all web servers

Benefits of Using Hidemyass Firefox Extension

Hidemyass firefox is one click web proxy. While browsing any website, you will click extension icon to make your browsing anonymous. Whether you are in the U.K. or Netherland, you can select any proxy server from the available list to hide your actual identity. Hidemyass firefox extension offers an option to launch proxy in the mode of incognito to have added anonymity. For further settings, you can right click to see proxy functions. This is all about how to use hidemyass firefox extension.

hidemyass banner 1If you are using Google Chrome, please check: