How to use HideMyAss for Netflix

hidemyass2About Netflix:

Netflix is a genuine model for films and TV shows. It provides services worldwide nearly in 190 countries. Using Netflix you can watch films and television series online. In recent years as people tend to watch movies online, Netflix becomes a powerhouse of entertainment. By a monthly subscription you will get access to all kind of materials of Netflix, if it is available in your country. However, you cannot access films and TV shows only by setting up an account.

Unblock Netflix

When a VPN is needed for Netflix:
There are some restrictions of Netflix for users. As a user you can watch all the shows when you live in United States. If you do not live in the United States, you cannot have the access to all of the materials. This is because Hollywood and other movie producers have a copyright law that the movies can be shown in that country where it is made. When other countries want to buy the movies they have to pay a huge amount of money. That is why you have to use VPN. When you use a proxy IP, Netflix considers you as in the United States.

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Restricted countries of Netflix:

  • China
  • North Korea
  • Syria
  • Crimea

In these countries, you have to use VPN to unblock Netflix.



HideMyAss is one of inexpensive VPN service providers having servers in almost 150 countries. It allows you to unblock any site blocked in any country. It hides your current IP address and helps you with a new IP adjusted to your location. When you stream in blocked sites, they will think you are in the United States as you are connected to a American VPN server.

Netflix restriction on HideMyAss:

Now, Netflix announced that they are able to detect proxy servers. They found that some people outside their territories are using Netflix by proxy servers. To prevent it they have taken some steps like other firms.  Now, the proxy servers can only be used in their available areas. The goal of Netflix is to provide a secure service and it does not want any kind of interruption.

Updates about HideMyAss:

HideMyAss is continuously trying to find an alternative way to unblock Netflix. There are some security concerns of HideMyAss. It does not keep records of websites. It suggests the users to agree the terms of service of any kind of website they want to visit. It does not matter whether the site is off or on to VPN. So, when a website wants to reach your exact location, HideMyAss does not let it do so.

You can be assured about your security when you are using HideMyAss. Netflix and other restricted websites sometimes try to unfold the real location of VPN; they may find that your account has been accessed from proxy IP they cannot know from where you are trying to get connected to that server. They will get you as you are located in the same country where they are available.

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