How to Use Hidemyass in Ubuntu

hidemyass2Ubuntu is a desktop operating system that is absolutely free with professional and community support. Approximately 20 million Ubuntu users love to use it as it is easy to customize, useable and the best alternative of commercial operating systems. Despite a number of good qualities Ubuntu operating system offers, you have to manage something more to secure your online activities while using Ubuntu. This is where you need VPN services. Hidemyass is the best VPN (Virtual Private Network) that is easy to use in Ubuntu.

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At first, it is necessary to follow the right method of using HMA VPN on Ubuntu. And this is possible with the help of network manager. Let’s see the very simple and step-by-step process of installing network manager and then Ubuntu setup for HMA VPN.

  • Start with installing network manager OpenVPN gnome.
  • Download VPN configuration setup.
  • Download Linux installer & create a folder (vpn).
  • Extract the zip files of Linux installer and VPN configuration setup.
  • Open installed network manage and carry on until you reach VPN tabulator.
  • Import OVPN entry to get connected to the desired location.
  • Edit entry and replace “Type” to  TLS (certified password)
  • Enter VPN username with recognized password
  • Apply for quick processing
  • Navigate VPN entry using network icon shown in the panel and you will get connected

You will install Hidemyass VPN using PPTP on the Ubuntu setup.  You can do it quickly if you follow these steps as fast as you can.

See on the top of the bar and right click “connection icon”. It will take you to another option “modification of the connections”. Reaching it, your task is to click this very option of “modification of the connections”. Now go to VPN tabulator. Here on this page, right click and add click the “PPTP”. Next option is “Ok” and here you will click it.

HideMyAss Ubuntu GuiAfter this easy process, you have connection and your task is to name this connection “HMA” and you may also use your server name. You will enter IP of PPTP server “Gateway”. Type your hidemyass account username plus PPTP password. You might think from where to get PPTP password and account username? Go to the control panel of VPN to get your PPTP password and account username.

Use Hidemyass in Ubuntu

Once you have performed above given processes, another very easy task is left to perform.

  • Click an option “advanced”
  • Enable MMPE (use full encryption)
  • Disable three options that allow compression of bsd data, deflate data and use TCP header.
  • Don’t enable another disabled option that is related to sending ppp echo packet
  • Another option appears “Apply”, click it.
  • Again click “Apply”
  • Return to your connection icon in Ubuntu
  • Click VPN connection and  get connected

Five final steps to follow before using HideMyAss in Ubuntu:

  1. Configure your own VPN
  2. Add fresh connection
  3. Enter IP address of your server and your personal information
  4. You may use here custom DNS
  5. Turn off everything except MPPE

Make sure that you are not available for all users.

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