How to use HideMyAss on Android device

hidemyass2The new HideMyAss Android application allow you to use their VPN services without any barriers. The company has recently upgrade their application which is bugs free and comes up with advance options which allow you to get connected with faster VPN servers easily. It is also available in multiple languages.

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If you have not downloaded their Android application in your mobile, then do it right now to enjoy VPN anywhere and anytime. Following I am sharing my tutorial which will help you to learn that how to use Hidemyass on Android devices.


Step 1: You need to download and install HideMyAss Android application. This application is free to download and available in Google Play Store. By using search option, you can easily find HMA Android application. Click install button to get it download and install in your Android device for free.

Step 2: Log in to your HMA account. If you don’t have an account already check you need to click on “I don’t have an account” this will allow you to create a new HMA VPN account. You can also create an account through HMA website to use their VPN services on your Android device.

Step 3: Once you login to your HMA account on Android device, the application will verify your subscription. This may take few seconds to confirm your subscription if you are using HMA VPN on your Android device for the first time. Although on the successful confirmation, the application will also create a VPN connection on your device.


Step 4: To use hidemyass VPN, you need to open the application. The default, it will automatically connected you the fastest VPN connection on the bases of your location but you can change the location if you want to. There isn’t any manual confirmation required to use HMA on your Android device.

Options in HideMyAss Android Application:

The Android application of HMA has many options which allow you to use VPN with full freedom. Following I am explaining the details of their application features to help you to understand that how does they work:

Location: The location option allow you to change the VPN server. There is the complete list of countries in the location tag from A to Z. You can switch to any server through this location.

Favorites: This option could be found under Location tab. If you like a server on the bases of its performance like downloading speed, you can save it in your favorites list for the future to remember.

IP Address: Through this option, you will able to see and confirm your IP address. You can see your original IP address and country when you are not using VPN.

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Help Me Choose: This option will help you to connected with a VPN server which is best connection on the bases of your needs.

Secure My Internet: If you wants to get connected with fastest internet connection then you can use this option to connect to the fastest server.

Paranoid Mode: This option is designed for those who are worried about their privacy. This option will completely hide your online activities even on HMA VPN server.

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