How to use HideMyAss on apple TV

hidemyass2Are you confused about choosing a VPN service provider? Deciding the perfect VPN provider is really a tough task as all the VPN providers are in a competition with their price and facilities. However, you can consider one matching your online needs. Your decision depends on which type of device do you use. Different devices have different restrictions on different VPN services. You can solve your device matching problem. HideMyAss is software which does not discriminate against devices and applications.

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Uses of HideMyAss on Apple TV:

apple tvApple TV is not a TV in real sense, it is a networking box which let you play videos from YouTube, Flickr, Netflix. To get connected with those programs Apple TV is needed to connect with internet all the time. When you keep your device connected to internet all the time, you must use a secure way. You can secure your connection by using a fake IP. Another most important thing, if you are not in United States and you want to use USiTunes Store, you have to use a fake or proxy IP. HideMyAss does this favor for Apple TV owners.

At first, you can get an open account by subscribing to HideMyAss. You do not need to pay for opening an account this way. With this account you can add Apple TV. You have to connect HideMyAss externally as Apple TV does not allow a client server. You can do it in two ways: using a router or using an Ethernet cable.

Using a router:

apple tv hidemyassWhen you want to use Apple TV by HideMyAss using a router you need to go through these steps

  • Have an open account on HideMyAss.
  • Get activated your VPN on the router. After getting connected to the computer put the VPN details that you got from the subscriber.
  • When you want to access your Apple TV, you have to go for a premium version of HideMyAss.
  • When you get your VPN connected to the router, you can connect Apple TV to the router. Then, you have to match the settings on Apple TV and the router.

Using an Ethernet cable:

When you use a router, all your devices get connected. If you do not want so, you can use an Ethernet cable. You have to follow these steps for that

  • Get your Apple TV connected to your PC. Go this way Control Panel> Networks and Internet> Network and Sharing Center.
  • Go to Manage Wireless Networks after that go to Wireless Connections and then click Adapter Properties.
  • Go to Change Adapter Settings and then click on Connection Properties.
  • Open Sharing Tab and press on ‘’Allow other network users to connect through this computer connection’’.
  • You can now finish the connection set up and can use Apple TV.

HideMyAss facilitates the uses of complicated programs. For surfing any blocked website you can use HideMyAss. HideMyAss allows you to use any type of program or application on whatever the device is. So, subscribe and get it easy.

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