How to use HideMyAss on Mac

hidemyass2Online privacy has been a major issue nowadays due to the increasing rates of hacking being noticed. For most people, their online privacy is unmasked whenever they are using browsers since browsers are among the most popular gateways to the Internet. Among the best tools to use on the Internet to keep your privacy is HideMyAss. This is a top-rated VPN (virtual private network) that allows you to hide your IP (Internet protocol) address as you browse. Although previously only available on Windows computers, HideMyAss has found its way to the Mac! If you are have trouble installing it on your Mac, here are simple instructions.

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Go to and download the latest Mac OS X HMA Pro VPN Client which is the latest iteration of the software. If you are running earlier versions of OS X (10.5 to 10.6), download version 1.1.7 of the software. On the HideMyAss website, login into your account by providing your username and password then choose the software right for your version of OS X from the Software and Help tab (at DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE AND ACCESS HELP). A download will be promoted and started automatically.

hidemyass-mac-1After completion of the download, locate the HMA! Pro VPN file and run it. There will be a few instructions to install. Follow the instructions on installing it. For most Mac computers, the path will be Introduction, License, Destination Select, Installation Type, Installation, and Summary (window with a green tick).

Following the successful installation of the HMA! Pro VPN Client, you are ready to use the software! Find the file in your group of applications (yes! You know our logo) and launch it.

With your launched, you will be prompted to enter a username and password. After doing so, you will also be prompted to choose the server you prefer most. After that, click on Connect to VPN. There will be a connection report at the lower half of the window showing you the activities you would have performed so far.

hidemyass-mac-2Once connected to the HMA! Pro VPN Client, your status (top right half) will turn from a red X with Not Connected to a blue tick with Connected. You have now successfully secured your internet traffic. Your online identity is now clearly anonymous.

From the application window, you can view your IP address and your original ISP location followed by your new IP address and your new location for the ISP (Internet service provider). You can quickly change your VPN country address in a drop-down window at the bottom. You can also directly change your IP address at the bottom of the window. Too busy to do that? You have the option to schedule a change of IP address at the time of your choosing.

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With your HMA! Pro VPN Client software, you will no longer have to worry about who is snooping on your internet activity. Imagine comfortably browsing knowing that you have virtually no risks at all on the Internet of things!

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