How to Use Hidemyass VPN to Watch Hulu outside US

hidemyass2If you are out of USA, you will definitely miss your favorite TV shows. You can watch your favorite TV programs even outside USA by Hulu but the problem is that Hulu is not available outside USA.  If you want to access Hulu when you are out of USA, you will need a VPN as Hulu checks IP address of those who try to connect to it and if it is non USA you cannot watch Hulu. Hidemyass will do it for you. It will make Hulu available for you so that you can enjoy your favorite TV programs no matter in which country of the world you are.  Hidemyass VPN is the best VPN for watching Hulu as it is cheap, fast and easy to install and use.

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How to Use Hidemyass VPN

By going through the following process, you can watch Hulu even outside USA by using Hidemyass VPN. It is a step by step process that enables you to access Hulu outside from USA.

Signup Process

Sign up for hidemyass VPN. It is cheap and its setup is very easy. A 30-day trial period is available for you but once you use it you will certainly want to carry on it, otherwise there is money back guarantee. You can also choose 6 months or 12 months service package depending on your need. But in any case, you will save a lot as they offer special discounts.

VPN Settings

After installing Hidemyass software, open it. On the dashboard, you will see many options for settings that you can adjust according to your needs. Use drop box and select any American city which is your closest in the ‘Quick VPN Country change’ box.  Selecting the closest city ensures that your connection will be fastest.

HideMyAss USA server


Now enter username and then password in the boxes. Make sure you enter correct info. Now click ‘connect to (virtual private network) VPN’. This is just a one click task which will connect you to the VPN you choose in drop box. A connection log will continuously show your connection status.

Website Searching

You are now connected to your selected American VPN. Your real country and IP address is also shown on the dashboard. You can visit any website as an American IP address holder no matter in which country you are actually present. For example; you are in China and your status shows that you are in USA.

Visit and Watch Hulu

Now you can visit Hulu. Com any time and watch your favorite TV shows just like you watch them when you are present in USA. Hulu will now recognize your IP address as the real American one and you can access it any time without any further hindrance. You will experience no drop-out and speed problem as Hidemyass is committed to provide you with the quality service.

When you will go through it yourself, you will find it quite easy to setup your Hidemyass VPN for Hulu, just like to look YouTube in China.

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