How to Use Hidemyass VPN to Watch Youtube Videos in China?

hidemyass2Youtube is the most popular video website that enables people and commercial corporations to upload their video content to make other people view it online without paying any charges.

YouTube Geo-Censorship

If China is your homeland, it would be impossible for you to have access to YouTube. Yes it is exactly the same because Chinese Government banned YouTube, and Facebook. The government of China imposes very strict geo-censorship to stop its population from using multiple US-based sites.

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How to Use YouTube Using Hidemyass VPN

If you have regional restrictions to use YouTube in China, Hidemyass Virutal Private Network is a great way to avoid such artificial restrictions. It is easy to launch VPN services on public Wi-Fi. Using hidemyass vpn creates encrypted and secure tunnel to connect you to the remote servers working in different countries. Now living in China and use YouTube is not difficult as VPN services have made is easy to use for everyone. Not only YouTube but also BBC, Hulu and Facebook are easy to use without revealing your actual IP addresses and locations.

With Hidemyass VPN, you can anonymously enter firewalls to surf the restricted websites even YouTube and government authorities can never trace your online activities. This software is very easy to download on your mobile device, PC computer or Mac. After downloading the software, install it for activation and you can get everything with the help of customer service. Sign up for where you can enjoy free customer support. When you have bought hidemyass vpn service, launch it and click on ‘h’ icon whenever you want to use YouTube hiding your actual location and online identity.

HideMyAss Gui

Benefits of Using Hidemyass VPN to Get Connected To Youtube

Besides penetrating geo-restrictions and connecting with distant networks, you will enjoy a number of benefits of using hidemyass vpn to get connected to YouTube. Hidemyass vpn adds to your web surfing speed even if you are not going to use it to bypass regional restrictions. In China, you will have faster and reliable web surfing facilities with vpn. Hidemyass will protect your online activities against malicious hackers, identity thieves and prying 3rd parties.

General reviews by hidemyass vpn customers also validate the encryption level, gateway, speed and reliability of this particular vpn service. With HideMyAss VPN, you don’t have to wait for loan or buffering YouTube videos. High-speed, strong encryption and no fear of detection are some major elements that make hidemyass vpn the best option for Chinese. This is proven fact that hidemyass vpn services are reliable and affordable at the same time. A dedicated team of internet security British experts supports secure, reliable and fast vpn services. Despite living in China, hidemyass is the best option every Chinese can avail to watch YouTube videos without disclosing his identity.  It does not matter whether you live in China or in any other state that imposes geo-censorship, hidemyass vpn will protect your online security adding to your online enjoyment with YouTube and other regionally restricted websites.

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