Is Hidemyass The Best Paid VPN Service?

hidemyass2Hidemyass is the market leader that provides you with secure internet surfing by hiding your original IP address and replacing it with a fake one. Hidemyass VPN (virtual private network) is the best offer by hidemyass which conceals user’s identity. By using Hidemyass VPN, your connection is encrypted and thus secured against all hackers, making your online surfing convenient and comfortable. There are many other VPN service providers in the market but Hidemyass stands distinguishable among the leading VPN service providers. It is the best paid VPN service.

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Why It Is Best Paid VPN?

When you compare any other VPN software with Hidemyass in prices, software features, payment options, server locations, service quality, customer reliability etc. you will find Hidemyass as the best VPN service provider. It stands out distinguishable in other competitors because of the following reasons:


Monthly payment for hidemyass VPN is only $11.52. You will get extra discounts when you choose for six months subscription for only $49.99 and if you go for 12 months subscription, you get the package for only $78.66.

Payment Options

There is an extensive range of options for payment. It is available for all VPN programs. Hidemyass accepts liberty reserve, Paypal, Google checkout, credit cards and Dalpay.


It is the most reliable VPN software available in market. You will experience no drop-outs (loss of internet connection) and no speed loss, no matter when you use it. You can also use it with other internet software like uTorrent and Vuze without facing any issue.

hidemyass speed testing

Software Features

It exhibits most impressive software features. You can change your server location or IP address anytime without extra charges. It is quite easy in use and in case you want to change your current settings, it offers a vast range of options.  This software is perfect in both downloading and activation process.

Server Locations

It provides you with extensive server range including 387 VPN servers located in about 54 countries. You can choose between more than 46,000 IP addresses. If you are living in Australia, it is the best VPN service for you and you don’t need to look for any other server location.

Customer Service

It is the best software available for customers who want to search internet anonymously and keep their internet connection secure. HideMyAss software offers reliable customer service options ever available. Customer service is available 7 days a week with the larger community forum consisting of staff that answers your questions and guides you in case of any problem regarding software use. But when you use software, you will yourself find that software is quite easy to use as there is no technicality involved into it. Customer service is also available on live chat and e-mail source. Hidemyass keeps its customers well informed about new servers’ availability, news and updates.

Keeping in view the above given detail, we find  Hidemyass VPN as the best paid VPN for it is easy to install and use, fast , provides vast range of setting options to its customers, maintains speed and is reliable.

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